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Rainbow Exotic Incense Diffuser (Burner)



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Product Name : Aromafume Rainbow Exotic Incense Diffuser (Burner With Copper Plate)

Aromafume Incense bricks are enriched with various natural ingredients including Agarwood, aromatic woods, exotic flowers and beautiful aromatherapy essential oils. They are a combination of the age old art of natural handmade incense with a variety of contemporary fragrances.

How to use? Place an Aromafume incense brick on the copper plate. Light a t-lite candle & place it below the plate in the allocated slot. Fragrant smoke, saturated with rich incense aroma will gradually rise and spread through the room. Fragrant smoke continues for approx 45 min. Allow it to cool. Clean the apparatus after every use. Discard the used Aromafume incense brick.

More long lasting than agarbattis, dhoop, kapur, camphor. Must for every Pooja Kit. Use for Religious ceremonies | Meditation | Home or office fragrance | Relaxation