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Lemon Mist Diffuser Oil (15ml)

Diffuser oils


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Contains : 1 Diffuser Oil bottle with dropper cap

Aromafume Diffuser oils can be used in any space and spreads generously to emit a long lasting, natural smelling aroma.

Aromafume Lemon Mist Diffuser Oil is a fresh blend of green Lemon Grass oil delicately balanced with exotic Mediterranean citric notes. With a uniquely sensual appeal this diffusive oil creates a relaxing aroma experience in your home. It can relieve stress, reduce anxiety and uplift your spirit wonderfully. Appealing to our senses the citric notes create an upbeat ambience with viral energy.

How to use Aromafume Diffuser oil:
1) Pour water into the diffuser cup.
2) Add 10 drops of oil to the water.
3) Light candle & place in holder.
4) Follow diffuser apparatus guidelines.

Aromafume Incense and Diffuser Oils are produced by a family owned company founded in 1900 with lineage extending over 5 generations in incense and perfumery products. The product’s secret recipe has been passed down from several generations. They are a combination of the age old art of natural home fragrance with a contemporary flair.