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Our approach to fresh fragrances

The approach to fragrance making is important, and we feel that as a scent lover you deserve to know how much freshness plays a role in soothing your senses and making the experience of enjoying a great scent unforgettable. To start with, flowers are grown in gardens situated very close to the aromatic presseries we work with. The trained experts understand how flowers are to be plucked, and take them directly for processing. The fresh produce will go through an extensive manufacturing process to come out in the form of oil. The oil, at this point, has the most potent freshness and that needs to be preserved until our master perfumers get to work on blending the oils, and creating the magical scents which are further modified for your home in all the forms (incense, diffusers, candles, reed differs etc). Oil quality must be given the utmost importance as diffusiveness and lasting, both cornerstones of good fragrances are determined by the quality of oils which comprise the scent. If not preserved or blended right oils lose their natural aroma, flavour, taste and freshness. We work very hard to get this balance right in all the products we develop for your home.

Invest in freshness

“Keep ‘it’ in an air-tight container in a dark, cool place”, how many times have you heard this to retain the freshness of a product? But, true freshness goes far beyond this advice. Sometimes sealed scented products may compromise on freshness and scent, because from the point of plucking till it reaches the scent lover, the raw materials have deteriorated and lost their lustre. The whole journey of a scent from the garden to the consumer is a long and complicated one. To an extent a poorly managed, long supply chain is responsible for the compromise on freshness.

We work day and night to ensure that we preserve freshness and maximize goodness in all our fragrances.

Aromafume is always fresh

It’s true. All our scents are processed when extremely fresh, and the resulting product speaks volumes. We have a thorough process to check for freshness along the way and we have innovated to see that the best quality reaches every scent lover.

We test thoroughly

When we receive samples, we test them along with our scentologists. We verify the raw material and its attributes including the appearance, the aroma, and the presence of foreign particles. After this process of sampling we begin blending to create these fabulous aromas. Only when a scent passes all the criteria do we start developing products and then bring them to the market. Our blenders play the most vital role at this stage with the experience they bring, to help us perfect our blends and create great products.

We won’t let freshness escape

Fresh produce deteriorates very quickly in the first 6 weeks after it is plucked. It then stabilizes before becoming flat - losing aroma, its freshness and turns dead after a few months losing its zest completely. We process our oils, and make our products soon after the fresh produce is harvested.

Getting this to you!

We ship across the globe, but our values area more important than our scale – and we’d rather get a fantastic fragrance to a few people than a mediocre fragrance to many. Our distribution partners, importers, distributors and retailers understand our obsession – and work with us on all aspects of our process to ensure we put your interests first.

Try Aromafume’s scents – our quality is guaranteed!