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Scenting your hotel

The use of scent will directly influence how a hotel is perceived and remembered. A unique brand experience is important for branded hotels. From the moment guests arrive, they want to feel that their experience is special. With an exclusive, custom signature scent, you can create the perfect ambience and create a powerful impression with guests.

Your environment and brand can be enhanced through use of a signature scent in public areas like lobby, lounge, meeting rooms, spa, fitness centre, and more. Hospitality brands worldwide are using fragrance to their advantage, knowing that a signature scent leaves a truly lasting impression on guests, one that remains vivid long after their stay is over.

For more information on creation of a custom scent for your hotel please contact us on, or with specific questions on services for hotels on .

Create a truly powerful connection with your guests

Because our sense of smell is linked directly to the part of the brain responsible for memories and emotions, fragrance plays a crucial role in how we remember and experience things. The right scent has the power to reinforce your brand message and connect with your guests on a unique level. Data shows that the power of scent drives loyalty and guests will return to your hotel.

Astute hoteliers know the power of a brand scent. With multiple Air Aroma diffuser systems available adding a fragrance to your hotel has never been easier. In addition, our in-room, easy to use, guest controlled scent diffuser is the perfect added luxury amenity for Suites and Penthouses.

Smoking Rooms

Aromafume has a unique product that can address the tenacious smell of tobacco+nicotine in smoking rooms. We have a simple 6 minute usage process that needs to be integrated with daily housekeeping of the smoking rooms. This will not only remove the foul odour of cigarette smoke, but will add a light long lasting aroma to the room.

If this is a pain point for your hotel, and something you wish to explore. Please email us at and we will get back to you immediately.


A company can use the power of scent marketing to improve the productivity of their employees. 

The company will diffuse different scents in their offices to mentally stimulate their people throughout the day.  The combination of scents needs to be customized to the company, what type of work their employees are doing and the energy they need to stimulate in the workplace.

Please let us know if we can help. Email us ( ) or call us for help on making your workspace more productive, a representative will call you back shortly.