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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) What is the difference between small, medium and large size packs?
Ans : Small pack has 10 incense bricks, Medium pack has 20 incense bricks & Large pack has 30 incense bricks

2) I am allergic to smoke, can I use this product?
Ans : Yes you may definitely use this product as our product emits very less smoke

3) I am a SPA/Hotel owner & would like to purchase this product in bulk. Whom do I get in touch?
Ans : Please call us on 022 67840600 or 9821068697 or write to us on

4) Is this product natural?
Ans: Base off this product is made up of natural herbs, leaves, flowers and woods. However we use some fragrance oils to blend our fragrances.

5) One incense brick can cover how much sq.ft. area?
Ans: One incense brick can cover upto 250 sq.ft area

6) Do I need to switch off fans and AC’s while using this product?
Ans: Yes we recommend that you switch off fans and AC’s till the tablet is burning

7) I would like to try all your fragrances, what do I do?
Ans: Please try our Aromafume Fusion pack which has a mix of all best selling fragrances. It is available in 3 sizes – small, medium & large

8) Can I burn this product like an agarbatti?
Ans: Unlike agarbatti, our product needs external heat source to emit fragrance. You may use our exotic burner (which can be lit by using t-light candle or diya) or electric burner

9) Will this incense cause a black residue on my walls like an Agarbatti
Ans: Our incense does not release carbon like agarbatti. Hence it will not cause black residue on your walls

10) How long will the fragrance of incense last?
Ans : Fragrance will last in your room for about 6 – 8 hours

11) Can I reuse this incense brick?
Ans : No. You will have to discard used incense brick once used.

12) Will the incense brick evaporate like camphor after use?
Ans: No. The base of the brick is made up of woods and herbs which only diffuse aroma oils and do not evaporate

13) Can I use this product for meditation or yoga?
Ans : Yes. Our incense bricks are blended using certain fragrances that help human mind and body in many ways.

14) How long can I store the sachet once opened?
Ans : Our products are hermitically sealed and need to be used within 24 hrs once opened.